Thursday, February 22, 2018

end of the chapter EST

''We wanted to thank you again for all your kindness. Your parents can really be proud to have a son like you. You are a very beautiful person as we meet little in life. We will keep beautiful memories of this country despite the horror, it's thanks to you. You can always count on us for anything. And that's sincere. Take good care of your Liis who is a wonderful girl. You are really meant to be together. We hope to see you (both) again soon with Amaury we hold you (both) in our arms kisses to you two and a thousand more thanks.''

Need veidi liiga tugevad hüvastijätu kallistused ja kõik see, mis nad Duci kohta kirjutasid - amen, mu peiks päriselt ongi parim inimene, keda ma enda elu jooksul kohanud olen ja ma olen iga päev uhke :3

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